Are You Down With Other People’s Baby Gear? – 6 Reasons Why You Should

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Other people’s stuff…the crux of the sharing economy! Sharing our stuff is happening today at a higher intensity and speed than ever before.

The impact learning to share has on our adult life is significant. Sharing builds friendship, trust, community and it makes us feel good and recently sharing has become important to economic growth.

As parents, we’ve definitely got lots of “stuff”! And we all have ways of dealing with it. Some of us give our stuff to friends, some of us donate it, but some of us hang on to items “just in case”. Your sister is having a baby and you’ll need that baby swing next time she comes over! Your friends are visiting from out of town with their infant and suddenly that pack n’ play in the back of the closet is saving the day! For those of us that hang on to our stuff, here are 6 reasons why you should consider platforms like kidtrip.

1. It’s the Green Thing To Do  

Human impact on the planet has knowingly increased with humans needing multiple planet earths to support the population and all the stuff we buy and then deposit into our overflowing landfills. By sharing the things we own with others who still find value in them, we can reduce consumption and our carbon footprint. Sharing reduces our urge to buy items we only need for a short period of time like pack n’ plays and baby swings!

2. Sharing Creates Access

Packing for family vacations is a daunting task especially if you have a baby and a toddler in tow. It’s not sensible to pack all the comforts of home when we travel. But imagine if you could give access to kids favorite things while they traveled on vacation? A tricycle, sand toys or a box of toys? Imagine if you could have access to everything that makes your life as a traveling parent more comfortable? Video monitor, humidifier or a bottle drying rack. Bringing these items is a hassle, instead, rent them!

3. We Can Make Money

Companies like Airbnb and Uber have helped us realize there are idle assets all around us that can be monetized. Just because the stuff in our closet has little use to us doesn’t mean someone else can’t find value in it. Renting your unused stuff isn’t going to make you rich, but it allows all of us an opportunity to make a return on our investments while creating a flexible side gig for savings, vacations or college funds!

4. Altruistic Behavior Is Becoming Prevalent

Our culture has been shifting our values toward systems that are open and connected. Advancements in technology have fostered our desires to connect and collaborate with one another. Our awareness of growing populations and strained natural and financial resources have led us to deeper altruistic behaviors and participating in shared economy platforms allows us to actualize this.

5. Owning Things Have Become A Burden

“You don’t really need the drill… need the hole in the wall.” Torben Rick

Good point. The idea of sharing our things has challenged us to look at the idea of ownership and explore what we consume and how we consume it. For many people living in big cities, it is less expensive to rent a car for the days you really need one than to pay a car and insurance payment. Renting a drill for the day for an agreed upon price may be more valuable to some people than shopping for one themselves and then storing it when they will rarely use it. Consumers are finding value in owning less and are willing to pay a fee for using items only when they need them.

6. People Are Investing In This Idea

The amount of people participating in shared economy businesses has grown 25% according to Jeremiah Owyang, an expert in the industry. His research has concluded that this type of business model is here to stay and investments in this space are reaching into the billions. This business model is solving people’s problems and proving to be a sustainable long term solution.

So, the sharing movement has a place for everyone. People who already own things that others need and people who are willing to pay to use those things when they need them. kidtrip’s goal is to free up the hands of mom’s and dad’s and give them access to all the comforts of home while on vacation.