Northern California Attractions For Kids – 5 Sonoma Train Town Tips

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There is something about kids and trains! We seem to end up at Train Town in Sonoma every few months. The luster hasn’t worn off for my little ones so when we travel with the kids to Sonoma, Train Town is highly requested. This is a great stop for family fun, especially because you only pay for what you do. There is no general admission or parking fees.

As seasoned visitors to Train Town, we’d like to share a few insider tips about this year round attraction for traveling families and Bay Area locals.

1.Be  aware  of  the  hours  of  operation.

As the weather changes in Northern California, so does Train Town’s hours of operation. If it’s raining, they are closed too. There is nothing worse than showing up to an attraction like this and having it be closed, right?

Summer Hours

June 9 – August 13Open daily with all attractions: 10am – 5pm

August 14 – September 3 M-F :Train, carousel, & airplane Sat & Sun: All attractions open 10-5pm

Winter Hours​

Fri, Sat & Sun ONLY – 10 – 5 pm

2. Visit  on  a  Saturday  or  a  Sunday

We were the first ones at the park on a sunny Friday morning! Although it was nice to not deal with crowds, we only lasted an hour because only 2 rides and the train were running. Visit on a Saturday or Sunday to get the full experience. They have more staff to help run the rides and all the rides are operating.

3. Bring  Quarters

The train ride stops in a miniature town called Lakeview where everyone gets out and explores. There’s a school house, jail, saloon, church and a fire station that kids can play in. There is also a full petting zoo with llamas goats and chickens. There are animal food vending machines so, bring quarters so your kiddos can feed the animals. There are also a few rides towards the entrance that will take quarters. The train runs every 20 minutes so these little rides are a great distraction while waiting for the train.

4. Ride  Tickets  Don’t  Expire

Most rides are 1 ticket, which costs $2.75. We usually splurge for the deal of 6 tickets for $14.75 because the tickets don’t expire. If you return to Train Town in 6 months, you can still use them! There is a mini rollercoaster, ferris wheel, carousel, scrambler and our favorite…..the airplanes that kids can make go up and down with the lever inside the airplane.

5.  Get  some  shopping  done

The gift shop at Train Town is actually pretty legit. If you happen to have an event coming up, especially for a train fanatic, consider doing some shopping. The gift choices here are different and special.

Train Town is one of kidtrip’s favorite attractions in Northern California. We hope these tips help make your visit the best it can be! Choo Choo!