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Just Rent a Pack N’ Play…..Trust Us

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Buy Less and Rent More

Are you having a baby? Chances are your inbox is full of recommendations from family and friends about all the baby stuff you need. All the do not buy items and all the must have’s. Do babies really need all this stuff? I remember spending hours researching baby swings, strollers and pack n’ plays. Checking out product reviews and chatting with friends. Although some items are essential to help introduce baby into this world, we definitely agree that most items on the baby registry are give and take. Yes, a baby swing or bouncer will get used daily but we say save your money and just rent a pack n’ play for the times you need it!

Why rent a pack n’ play

The only time you really need one is when you travel. This is one baby registry item that you will use a few times a year and your baby will out grow it by age 2 1/2. Save the real estate in your closet for items you really need to own. In fact, that is the whole premise behind kidtrip. Keeping your closets clear and lightening your load when you travel so you can focus on taking care of your baby instead of managing your luggage. Rent a stroller, rent a car seat, in fact, rent all your needs from a family in your destination. You may even get some recommendations of great kid-friendly restaurants!

Decide to rent a car seat

A car seat is an everyday must have for your new baby, but hauling these along on vacation a choice. If you decide to rent a car seat while on vacation make sure to check with the owner to make sure the car seat is within expiration timeframes. kidtrip requires all families renting car seats on our platform to comply with federal safety expiration recommendations. If you decide not to rent a car seat you can always bring your own. It’s a bit of a lug, but for $25-$50 you can invest in a car seat travel bag. Most airlines let you check car seats for free!

Rent a stroller for an easier travel experience

You may find yourself spending most of your time researching strollers more than any other registry item. There are so many things to consider. Lifestyle, ease of transport and space. Some families find it helpful to rent a stroller once they arrive at their vacation destination. Transporting baby via baby carrier through the airport can be a lot faster and less cumbersome. It also can free up car space for luggage. kidtrip families offer delivery to your hotel or vacation rental. Your stroller can be waiting for you when you arrive instead of putting wear and tear on your personal one.

Enjoy baby registry shopping and consider which items will be used daily and which items are more of a specialty. Families all over the country are willing to share items for the times you need them most. Rent a pack n’ play, rent a stroller or rent a car seat to make your vacations easier.