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kidtrip Baby Vacation Supply – Hiking

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Making Family Travel Easier by kidtrip – Hiking Tips Whether you are on vacation or at home, getting outside with little ones is a great idea. Family hikes with kids are a great way to experience nature, get some exercise and reset your mind. Anywhere you travel there are hiking options from paved paths to dirt trails through the woods. …

Bundle It Up : 5 Creative Ways to Rent Your Kid Stuff

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Creating the comforts of home while traveling with kids can be challenging. We can certainly pack all of our children’s favorite things when we hit the road, but hauling an entire room full of kid stuff on vacation isn’t reasonable or enjoyable. Do you really want to pack a potty seat and a step stool for your potty training cutie? …

Rent baby travel gear

Traveling With Kids? Rent Baby Travel Gear

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Don’t Bring It…Borrow It Traveling with children is not for the fainthearted. As parents we have learned that children thrive on routine. When we travel with our children it is hard to resist packing all the everyday needs along with all their favorite toys. As a mother myself, I’ve experienced this dilemma first hand. With costs of checked bags and …